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April 14th, 2016
Cuba should open to its own people
Political leaders, academics, diplomats, journalists and activists from the region convened by the Center for the Opening and Development of Latin America (CADAL) subscribed a declaration in favor of the normalization of relations between United States and Cuba with a demand of reciprocity with the democratic world on the part of the Raul Castro administration, to start a true process of political and social opening.

May 23th, 2014
Declaration in support of Manuel Cuesta Morúa, spokesperson of Arco Progresista in Cuba
The undersigned coming from academic, journalism, politics and cultural background show solidarity with our colleague Manuel Cuesta Morúa, expressing our support to his human right to free speech and we specially value his brave and peaceful work with other fellow democratic activists in the promotion of a political opening in Cuba.

November 13th, 2012
Declaration in support of the condemnation by IACHR of Arbitrary Arrests of Human Rights Defenders in Cuba

April 4th, 2012
Declaration of Rejection of the Invitation for Cuba to attend the Summit of the Americas & Request to the OAS to formally recognize the Cuban Civic Movement

December 3th, 2010
Declaration in support of political opening in Cuba (read it in Spanish)
The undersigned, members of civil society organizations from Ibero-American, consider that the liberation of political prisoners that is taking place in Cuba is an opportunity for that government to give way to guaranties of a democratic system and for opening the freedom of speech of its people.

August 3th, 2010
Claim of political opening in Cuba after the announcement of the release of political prisoners
The initiative arosed after the recent announcement of the release of political prisoners in Cuba and for considering this fact as an opportunity to ask again the government of that country "to give way to the guarantees of a democratic system and open the flows of expression of its people". In that sense, the Declaration states that a first step would be "that the Cuban government recognize the right to freedom of association and expression in its country, erasing the legal dispositions that restrict and oppress the excercise of those fundamental rights".

March 18th, 2010
The exercise of rights is no crime. Claim for the liberation of all the political prisoners in Cuba (read it in Spanish)
Democracy will not be consolidated in Latin America so long as, with the indulgence of governments and entities of the region, there remains in existence in Cuba a one party regime who believes that the exercise of rights can be considered a crime.

December 21th, 2009
New claim of acknowledgement of the civic movement in Cuba
The claim to the Foreign Departments of different Latin American countries carries the signature of the representatives of the civil societies organizations before the Red Puente Democratico Latino Cuba: Carlos Bascuñán, Corporación Justicia y Democracia – Chile; Héctor Leis, Instituto Millenium – Brazil; Lázaro Ramírez, Unión Colombiana de Jóvenes Demócratas (UCJD) – Colombia; César Ricaurte, Fundación Andina para la Observación y Estudio de Medios (Fundamedios) – Ecuador; Gabriel Salvia, Centro para la Apertura y el Desarrollo de América Latina (CADAL) - Argentina/Uruguay; Heinz Sonntag, Observatorio Hannah Arendt – Venezuela; Eduardo Ulibarri Bilbao, Instituto de Prensa y Libertad de Expresión (IPLEX) - Costa Rica; y Jorge Villena, Instituto Peruano de Economía Social de Mercado (IPESM) – Peru.

September 2th, 2009
Social Latin American personalities claim for opening in Cuba
Fifty social personalities from Latin America have just subscribe the Declaration in Support of Freedom of Association and Speech in Cuba, taking into account that “the recent decision of OAS to leave without effect the suspension of Cuba is a chance to ask the government of that country to give way to the guaranties of a democratic system and open the channels of expression of its people”. The signatures of the Declaration are headed by Patricio Aylwin, former President of Chile and Chairman of Corporación Justicia y Democracia.


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