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Cuba, the remnant dictatorship in Latin America
Gabriel C. Salvia
The more things change in Cuba’s external relations, the more they remain the same in its domestic politics
Armando Chaguaceda y Ted A. Henken
A Democracy Assembly to Face the New Authoritarian Challenges
Ladan Boroumand
Press Releases
The Cuban military dictatorship is scared of computers, books and T-shirts
The Center for the Opening and Development of Latin America (CADAL) denounces the continued harassment of peaceful opponents by the Cuban regime, whose belongings were confiscated upon return to their country. Among the most recent cases are those of Carlos Oliva Torres and Lia Villares. CADAL has asked democratic countries not to be accomplices in the silence that the Cuban dictatorship is seeking for.
Press Releases
Václav Havel Institute
Conclusions of the Warsaw Dialogue for Democracy
A crisis in the human rights concept in the begining of the 21st century
Unusual Alliance: Cuban-Argentine Relations in Geneva, 1976-1983
China: ¿business or human rights?

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