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The state of democracy in Latin America
January 28th, 2010

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With guest speakers from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela, CADAL organized at the Auditorium Héctor Dieguez at Universidad Di Tella, the seminar "The State of Democracy in Latin America". The subjects analyzed where "Institutional quality, democratic governance and freedom of expression facing populism” and “Cuba and the matter of democracy in the 21st century".

The opening of the seminar was in charge of Fernando J. Ruiz who presented the edition 12 of the research report "Journalism and Democracy Indicators in Latin America" published by CADAL and Universidad Austral.

The situation of free speech in Ecuador was in charge of César Ricaurte, journalist and writer and Executive Director of Fundamedios, Fundación Andina para la Observación y Estudios de Medios.

Political Scientist Héctor Leis referred to the democratic-authoritarian mandate of current populism. Leis is an Argentine exiled in 1977 to Brazil where he is associated professor of Sociology and Political Science Department of Universidad Federal de Santa Catarina and member of Instituto Millenium and member of the Academic Council of CADAL.

Andrés Cañizález, researcher of Centro de Investigaciones de la Comunicación at Universidad Católica Andrés Bello, analized the situation of free speech in Venezuela. He is correspondant in Venezuela of Reporters without borders and member of CADAL's Academic Council.

On his turn, Carlos Gervasoni gave an analysis on institutional democratic quality in Argentina and Latin America. Gervasoni is professor at Universidad Di Tella and member of CADAL's Academic Council.

The panel “Institutional quality, democratic governance and free speech facing populism" was moderated by lawyer Bernabé García Hamilton.

Jorge Maldonado Roldán, Director of Institutional Development of Corporación Justicia y Democracia, analyzed the 2 decades of Chilean Concertacion in government.

Jorge Villena, secretary of doctrine at Partido Popular Cristiano of Peru gave a perspective of democracy in the region. Villena is representative of Instituto Peruano de Economía Social de Mercado (IPESM) before Red Puente Democrático Latino Cubano, member of Comité Internacional de Jóvenes para la Democracia en Cuba and member of Juventud de la Organización Demócrata Cristiana de América (JODCA).

“Cuba and the matter of democracy on the 21st century” was analyzed first by Gabriel Salvia and then by Manuel Mora y Araujo. Gabriel C. Salvia is Chairman and General Director of CADAL.

Manuel Mora y Araujo is Dean and professor at Universidad Di Tella and Director of Ipsos – Mora y Araujo.

This second panel was moderated by historian Ricardo López Göttig, Director of CADAL's Academic Council.



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