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Observatory of International Relations and Human Rights

The Observatory of International Relations and Human Rights is an initiative of Puente Democrático Project of CADAL with the following objectives:

a) Give information on, and analyze the treatment of the UN Human Rights Council's Universal Periodic Review of dictatorships. On this regard, there will be a focus on the participation of Latin American countries, through questions and recommendations, and that of developed democracies.

b) Monitor the international relations of Latin American countries with countries ruled by dictatorships.

c) Have an impact on the implementation of an active foreign policy in the field of Human Rights by democratic countries

d) Emphasize that the human person is the main subject of international relations.

e) Follow Cuba's international relations, paying special attention to the importance the dictatorship gives to its external legitimacy in order to perpetuate in power. Complacency and complicity from democratic governments, international organizations and social referents is key for the single party regime of Cuba to sustain internal repression.

A Common Democratic Agenda on Foreign Policy and Human Rights.

One of the major challenges facing the international peace and universal respect for the fundamental freedoms is the relationship that the community of democracies keeps with dictatorships, both bilaterally and multilateral organizations.

It is true that many democratic countries officially express through their foreign ministries' websites that the promotion and defense of Human Rights is one of the pillars of its foreign policy. However, since democratic countries are characterized by the alternation of people and parties in power, which is logical that Governments emerged from free elections, the political priority are domestic issues. In addition, the fact that by the so-called “national interest” in foreign policy there are other issues that are prevalent, mainly the commercial aspect.

Now, taking into account the importance of international democratic solidarity as a moral support to those who live in dictatorships and the pressure exerted on its illegitimate authorities is a fundamental issue to promote political openness in those places, CADAL proposed initiatives of active foreign policy in the field of Human Rights through a Democratic Common Agenda that keeps beyond the alternation of its Government authorities:



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