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About Puente Democratico
The Center for the Opening and Development of Latin America (CADAL), is a non-profit, non-partisan, private foundation based in Buenos Aires (Argentina) that was established on February 26, 2003 with the mission of promoting democratic values; observing the political, economic and institutional performance; and make public policy proposals that contribute to good government and people’s wellbeing. Puente Democrático is a program of CADAL dedicated to promote global democratic solidarity and advocate for the adoption of an active foreign policy in defense of human rights.

CADAL is member of the Network of Democracy Research Institutes (NDRI) and the International Coalition to Stop Crimes against Humanity in North Korea (ICNK). It is an Associated Institute of Democratic Platform Project and it is registered as a Civil Society Organization at the Organization of American States (OAS).


Observatory of International Relations and Human Rights

This Observatory monitors bi-lateral, regional and international foreign relations with countries ruled by dictatorships; advocates for committed participation of the member states of the Community of Democracies, during the interactive dialogue of the Universal Periodic Review of a dictatorship in the UN Human Rights Council, and drafts foreign policy recommendations in terms of human rights.

The Observatory considers as dictatorships those countries where representatives are not elected through free and competitive elections, opposition is forbidden or repressed, there are severe restrictions to fundamental democratic freedoms – like free speech, freedom of association and assembly – and are generally characterized as one party regimes and high levels of internal violence. This Observatory focuses in the countries qualified as Not Free (6.5 and 7 points on average) in the Freedom in the World index by Freedom House.

Regional promotion of democratic opening in Cuba

This initiative intends to support and increase the visibility of pro-democracy actors and human rights supporters in Cuba; and promote the increase of the Argentine, regional and international attention towards Cuban democratic activists and their struggle in favor of political pluralism.

Voices of Press Freedom Alert in Latin America

These alerts have the objective of increasing the information on the different abuses to journalists in Latin America in a different way, in first person and at the same time to express solidarity towards those who decided to exercise an essentially democratic profession.

Václav Havel Institute

Established on October 5, 2012 this institute proposes to contribute to keep alive the legacy of the first president of Czech Republic in the promotion of human rights, prioritizing the education and promotion of democratic values, peace and international solidarity mainly to young students.


The activities of CADAL´s Puente Democrático Program have the support of the National Endowment for Democracy (United States), Konrad Adnauer Foundation (Germany), the embassy of Czech Republic in Argentina and the support of individuals who share the sensitivity that Václav Havel expressed in the following way: “I know how important it is for a person to know that out there, there are people who care about your destiny”

Donations: contribute to the establishment of bridges to globalize democracy

If you want to make a contribution or an inquery with the intention of economically supporting the Program Puente Democrático, plese write to correo@puentedemocratico.org and an officer of CADAL will get in touch with you.


Director: Gabriel C. Salvia

Deputy Director: Hernán Alberro

Programs Assistant: Luis Armando Colina

Assistant: María Rosario Savini

Webmaster: Sergio Casais


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