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Puente Democrático Network

All the countries that have experienced dictatorships have needed gestures of solidarity from international democratic community to find freedom. Those signs of solidarity helps to denounce the abuses as well as to claim for the respect of fundamental liberties and the return of democracy. Consequently, Puente Democrático Network constitutes as a plural space where member individuals and entities give a priority character to the respect of fundamental democratic freedoms and rule of law. From this consensus, the Netowrk aims to involve and coordinate the efforts of social referents and civil society organizations in actions of international solidarity with democracy supporting the efforts of peaceful human rights activities I those countries ruled by dictatorships or that are suffering serious retreats in terms of civic and political liberties.

Network's membership

Puente Democrático Network is an initiative of the Center for the Opening and Development of Latin America (CADAL), a private foundation recognized by Inspección General de Justicia de la República Argentina , that serves as Founding Member and reserves to itself the Executive Secretary of the Network. 

The Network will be formed by social referents and civil society organizations (SCO) in every case by invitation. Individuals will become members at a personal level, be it as members of the Advisory Council or as coordinators, assistants or researchers of a specific program. SCOs will become members as Associated Entities in a specific program, and will need the approval of its board and the designation of a representative before the network.

Regional programs

Latin Cuban Dialogue

Objetive: to establish exchanges between Latin American social referents and pro democracy actors inside Cuba , giving support in favor of political opening and civic education in the island. At the same time the members of Latin Cuban Dialogue will claim for the legal acknowledgement of the right to freedom of association and free speech in Cuba , considering that this would set the basis for political opening and the respect of basic liberties in the country ruled by the remaining dictatorship in Latin America .

Coordinator: Gabriel Palumbo

Democratic quality and rule of law in Latin America

Objective: Monitor the respect of civic and political liberties and advocate before international organizations in those cases where these freedoms are affected.

International programs

Foreign policy and human rights

Objective: Monitor the work of the UN Human Rights Council and promote recommendations for democratic countries to adopt a humanitarian foreign policy active in the international promotion of civic and political liberties.

Contact: info@puentedemocratico.org


Executive Secretariat

Executive Secretary: Gabriel C. Salvia

Executive Coordinator: Hernán Alberro

Advisory Council

Fredo Arias King ( Mexico )

Pamela Asturizaga (Bolivia)

Andréz Cañizález (Venezuela)

Sérgio Fausto (Brazil)

Carlos Lauría (United States)

César Mimbela (Peru)

Patricio Navia (Chile)

Romeo Pérez Antón (Uruguay)

César Ricaurte (Ecuador)


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