Corrupción en Cuba y como combatirla (Corruption in Cuba and how to fight against it)
7 de octubre de 2004
A proposal of social auditing
Ricardo A. Puerta

This study is maybe the first to give a history of corruption in current Cuba, as well as practical advices to fullfil a social supervision of the money and public officers, and to bring forward a series of possible results.

Puerta holds that not all societies have the same level of corruption. Societies where there is a higher level of investment, of GNI, human rights respect, international markets integration, equal access to opportunities of personal and social development, high standard of living and wealth in the country, have a lower level of corruption than those societies where the opposite takes place.

The Cuban regime has created a ministry to prosecute corruption. As Puerta points out, this shows the dimension of corruption in that country. But unfortunately, as in the rest of Latin American countries, the corruption faced is the "good" one, the one that creats wealth and bourgeoisie, that of those who survive outside the law. The Special Period uncovered the wish of "democratize" the modernity enjoyed only by the governing "family" and now it cannot be satisfied without making great changes. The ministry that controls corruption is one of the entities in charge of avoiding that Cubans have the right to enjoy the benefits of the modern and democratic world: property rights, freedom of expression, of travelling, of assembly ans association, among others.

Soren Triff