Boitel Vive (Boitel is alive)
7 de marzo de 2005
Testimony from the current Cuban political prison
Jorge Luis García Pérez ''Antúnez''

The aim of who wrote this book, evading the strong censorship and police control inside and outside the prison, is to denounce the abuses suffered by any of the hundreds of men and women imprisoned in Cuban jails just because of wanting the Castro dictatorship to respect human rights and human dignity.

It is necessary that all democratic governments in the world, as every international organization take responsibility and recognise the Cuban drama, because with their indifference and accomplice silence they contribute to give legimitacy to a tyranny that has been enslaving the Cuban people for more than forty year. And those who serve as financial support of the Fidel Castro regime, betraying the same democratic values they so hypocritically hold and are supposed to follow, should turn arround and support eleven million Cuban who long for and need the only and truly freedom: Democratic freedom.

Review by Gabriel C. Salvia and Hans Blomeier

Foreword by Gabriel C. Salvia and Hans Blomeier