Escrito sin Permiso - Reportaje desde el calabozo (Written without permission - Report from Jail)
25 de enero de 2008
Manuel Vázquez Portal

“Written without permission” (Ed. CADAL, Buenos Aires, 2007) gathers the testimonies from the Cuban journalist and poet Manuel Vázquez Portal (Morón, 1951), during his imprisonment due to the Black Spring of 2003, in Cuba. Set free, thanks to international pressure, on June 23, 2004, a year and two months after his detainment at Boniato Prison (Santiago de Cuba)… Writing from prison meant a double emancipation for the journalist: first, from the spiritual point of view, and then from the perspective of his own freedom, since because of the braveness with which he faced the regime, his accusations travelled around the world and awarded him, even from prison, the international prize of free speech Hellman Hammett (given by Human Rights Watch) and the Freedom of Expression Award from CPJ (Committee to Protect Journalists)… writing without permission is more and a challenge, it is a liberating act.

In Cuban conditions to write without permission is to grab from totalitarianism the right to exist, to think, to act freely. I think that between the brilliant pages of the Cuban struggle for freedom, Written without Permission is one of its best exponents. There should be thousands of men like Vázquez Portal for the tyrannies to crumble and the people to live with decency and peace”.

By William Navarrete, Especial / El Nuevo Herald