Puente Democrático
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San José Memorandum
November 29, 2004
Message sent to Heads of State and Government gathered for the XIV Ibero-American Summit in San José, Costa Rica, November 2004.

Members of the Directorate participate in the "International Forum for Democracy in Cuba" organized by the Costa Rican Committee of Solidarity for Democracy in Cuba and the International Committee for Democracy in Cuba in one of the parlors of the Legislative Assembly of Costa Rica. The forum was called into order by the Former President of Costa Rica Luis Alberto Monge, and included the participation of the Former Presidents Luis Alberto Lacalle (Uruguay) and Arming Cauldron Sun (El Salvador), and the President of the Senate of the Czech Republic Jan Ruml, as well as Latin American and European parliamentarians. The event took place two days before start of the XIVth Latin American Summit of Heads of State and of Government only to be interrupted by a group of agents sent by the Castro regime in order to impede its execution. Orlando Gutiérrez and John Suarez (Cuban Democratic Directorate) next to other Latin-American activists stood fast in an act of civic resistance against the Castro regime demonstrators. The forum is later carried out in another precinct of the Legislative Assembly and in attendance aside from the Former Presidents and parliamentary assistant, the exiled writer and intellectual Carlos Alberto Montaner presided along side other exiled Cubans that participated in the forum. Cuban opposition leader Bertha Antúnez Pernet and young political prisoner of Burma Min Ki Naing are recognized and awarded the Pedro Luis Boitel Liberty Prize.