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CADAL nominated Manuel Cuesta Morúa for the Ion Ratiu Democracy Award at the Wilson Center
June 14, 2015
The Democratic Bridge Program of the Center for the Opening and Development of Latin America (CADAL) submitted the Cuban activist application, Manuel Cuesta Morúa, to the Woodrow Wilson Center for the Ion Ratiu Democracy Award for his involvement with democracy and human rights in Cuba.

Manuel Cuesta Morúa (Havana, 1962), spent more than 23 years serving democracy in Cuba. With a degree in History, he then achieved a graduate diploma in political science, economy, international relations and anthropology. Cuesta Morúa is currently the Cuban Arco Progresista (Social-Democratic) Party’s spokesman and coordinates the “Plataforma Nuevo Pais”.

In the application, he is portrayed as a tireless truth defender and the spirit of living in truth, a conducive path to human rights and democracy protection.

The Ion Ratiu Democracy Award’s (IRDA) aim is to give visibility and an international recognition to ideas, ideals and accomplishments of individuals who work all over the world in support of democracy. The award expresses a deep democracy commitment from the deceased Ion Ratiu across his contributions as a Romanian politician as well as in his interest of a global level democratic change.

The Ion Ratiu Democratic Award was settled in 2005 as a way to recognize the relevance of the work achieved by democratic activists around the world. Since 2006, the ceremony has been organized by Woodrow Wilson Center. Among previous laureates there are: Mustafa Nayyem (Ukraine, 2014), Angela Kocze (Hungary, 2013), Aung San Suu Kyi (Myanmar, 2012), Nabeel Rajab (Bahrein, 2011), Oleg Kozlovsky (Russia, 2010), Adam Michnik (Poland, 2009), Eleonora Cercavschi (Moldavia, 2008), Anatoli Mikhailov (Belorussia, 2007), Saad Ibrahim (Egypt, 2006), and Sergio Aguayo (Mexico, 2005).